OnePass can help your event business safely reopen and keep your customers, attendees, guests and employees safe. 


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Attend an Event

Apply for a OnePass certificate

Verify your ID and upload your negative test results or vaccine documents to create a digital verifiable certificate 

To attend an event - sign into our secure website, submit the documents or tests the event planner is requesting - from Vaccination status verification, Exemption verification,  or Testing Result.  Any records you submit or provide are 100% secure, and not disclosed, even to the event planner!


All the planner will know is that we have validated what you provided us - nothing else!

Register an Event

Register your Event

Register your event as a COVID safe gathering, set the attendance COVID assurance criterial and we will take care of the rest for you.

​As an event planner, you can incorporate testing and validation into your event to ensure that every one of your attendees has provided some level of COVID protection, either through testing or vaccination. 


You can group restaurants together for a food crawl, get back to  wine trips, attend weddings and more -  knowing that the group you're with is COVID-safe.


OnePass works by taking people’s test results, vaccination information, or exemptions and validating those credentials in a private and secure manner.  Once validated, we provide a QR code that they can show in your store, event or establishment.  This lets you know they’re either vaccinated, exempt or tested, and it keeps all their information private.

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3 Simple Steps.

1. Sign up with OnePass.  
It's quick, easy and secure to register your event with us

2. Create an event. 
Set your COVID Assurance Criteria level, and we'll provide the validation for everyone attending your event, even from other countries!

3. Plan your event! 
Get back to throwing great sporting events, network meetings, or  conferences  with confidence that your protecting yourself and your guest.

Work Desk



Validating the COVID status of your employees offers great benefits, from easy to obtain travel certificates, to deals from local retailers, OnePass offers great deals on merchandise and events for certificate holders.

Medical Tablet



We offer a full suite of COVID Testing.  PCR-RT, Antigen and Antibody for travelling, return to work and more.  

For all your travel and workplace testing needs


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